went from Cool, to “Too Hard” like it’s for professionals.

You get to choose so many parameters which can give you the best possible results, but unless you know how to pick your model, the steps, write a great prompt, what t o leave out, ratios, dimensions, and more: Your render looks like your elementary schooler painted it.
You get better results more easily with Dall-E and MUCH better results with or Goart.
I'd love to be making good use of mage but it rapidly went from weird, poor results, to “too complicated” in order to get good results.
I mean this as constructive criticism. Because the results my brother is getting are ridiculously good.
But he has taken the time to learn about all the various filters and 'models' you offer.
I don't wanna read a book.
I don't think I'm alone in being unable (or TLDR unwilling)  to master the learning curve to get what I want.
To illustrate how it “could be” – – I'll use / as examples that have simplified the AI generation process to give great results, without using Discord.
You should know your enemy.
I believe that if Mage introduced a simplified GUI that did not require Discord, did not require an email for log in every single time to access the product, and was able to generate images per a “style” you choose for each image-  you'd sweep the industry. Everyone knows about Mage. I think a lot of people drift away saying “That's too hard” or “It's not worth figuring it out” 
My two cents for nothing.
BTW I am a subscriber but I never use it.
Doc Johnson
Author: nesuvij7