JVZoo Opinion

Hey guys
I don't buy JVZoo apps anymore, the whole show is just a joke. "Lifetime access" to buggy, inadequate software –  pays for the launch startup. They fix the app's bugs and add the promised assets and THEN sell it to the so-called lifetime members as "different" software (Version 2) at retail. 
Todd Gross is a two bit huckster. Be careful what you endorse. People are getting sick of buying software again that they had "lifetime access" to. 

Gross: Oh, no this isn't the same software you bought. This is NEW different software. 

Me:  You mean, it's the same software with the bugs worked out, and the resources and assets you promised it would have finally added, and now it's "Version II" and I get to pay again? 

Gross: Well, you don't have to, you could certainly stay with the buggy Version I software while the rest of us use Version II which is different software you can buy at retail. 

Me:  Is it going to be that way with every JVZoo offering? 

Gross: How would we pay for launches if we didn't loop people into the prototype? And how would we pay our bills unless we kept selling the applications to people again and again? 

Me: So far, every software I've bought from JVZoo has been offered to me to buy (again) as Version II I presume the rest will be done that way?

Gross:   Why not?



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