Zoo Quality Acrylic Tanks and Enclosures That Will Surprise You

Do you think you’d like a great big acrylic tank? Would you want it to be custom made for a particular room or a particular kind of fish? 

Big Fish Custom Acrylic Aquariums makes, installs and sells some of the dream tanks we only wish we could have. I went to their shop in Atlanta and it’s amazing. Full-on professional and they’re building thousand-gallon tanks. 

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I thought Clarity Plus, Tenecor and the other big names were the way to go, if considering a zoo-quality acrylic enclosure for fish. I found a company here in Georgia that specializes in ‘overbuilt’ indestructible-quality acrylic tanks. 
Big Fish Custom Acrylic Aquariums
The tank I got from them is made with scraps from their major commercial and residential installations. (There are people getting tanks put in their houses and businesses that are thousands of gallons). 
(And thousands of dollars) 
But when “all is said and done” they end up with some “decent sized” acrylic scrap that’s too good to throw away so they sometimes make these smaller tanks. With 1” acrylic in some cases!
This would be AMAZING for a tank to keep a Mantis Shrimp in. Amazing to put an actual Maine Lobster in because of the R-value insulation qualities of really thick acrylic. 
With the quality of the build, the quality of the acrylic and especially the thickness of the acrylic this tank should have cost $1000 but it was under $300 
I’m “next in line” for their next two “Scrap tanks” because I do intend to get a Maine Lobster and in the other tank: A Mantis Shrimp. 
You can visit their web site at: https://bigfishcaa.com
Jhunn@bigfishcaa.com would be your contact at Big Fish Custom Acrylic Aquariums 
1 (800) 123-1234
I got a 50 gallon acrylic tank for a very small amount of money and I’m setting it up as a proper habitat for land hermit crabs, coenobita. I’ll share some pictures of that soon, and also, when I start to set it up, the Lobster habitat and the Mantis Shrimp home. 

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