Goodwill gives oxygen to my hoarder.

When I go to Goodwill, I leave with things that I will not use, and I leave with things I should not buy.
The consequences of my actions, are things that I need to find a place for, and I waste eight dollars.
But at the same visit, I find a Keurig coffee maker, which I was actually looking to buy, for my fiancé’s countertop, for $3.99.
So, I literally met a actual need, and saved $100.
Also. When I go to Goodwill, sometimes I discover things that I did not even know existed, that are really nifty. And that changed my life. For example, the “Grid-It”s. 
And storing things in jars so I can see what I have. Which is important for ADD.
When I go to Goodwill, I give oxygen to my hoarder. This is a drawback. 😔
Today when I went, I found a brand new water purifier worth $30, with a brand new filter that costs $16. For four dollars. And I use several of these to purify my water for coffee. So it met an actual need.

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