Better Skin, Better Weight, Longer Life

Ultra Low Carb Feeding Takes No-Grain to the Next Level 

Ultra Low Carb Feeding, Like Raw Diet for Dogs, only it's Not Raw. 

A video I'd like you to look at: 

A shorter, simplified video regarding using ultra low carb feeding to reign in the weight of dogs on the glucose / carb appetite-machine and improving their skin due to adverse food reactions to grain rich diets. Keys include changing diets slowly, mixing low carb foods with water but not making them soggy, feeding ONLY ultra low carb and not changing back and forth or concurrently, and giving freeze dried liver treats as snacks instead of carbs. 

  • Skin improves.
  • Weight drops.
  • Appetite normalizes. May even drop off for a few days. 
  • At a lower body weight, life is prolonged. 

Not for pancreatitis patients. 
The "last word" on this is at:
Specific foods, and supplements recommended.


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