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The question never comes up “Dr. Johnson, how did you end up with a sunglasses affiliate site?“
Note that I said “never“ comes up. LOL
Well, the fact of the matter is I am a fish health expert. And for years I have educated on fish health subjects but that was a previous life and I was a big advocate of natural environments for fish. And UV, or ultraviolet radiation had been used to control algae in fish ponds. But I knew ways to control algae that did not involve ultraviolet radiation. So, many years ago I registered 0uv.com. And time passed, and I decided to do a website called 2uv.com that weighs the advantages of actually giving in “to uv” ultraviolet radiation in fishponds.
Fast forward to now, and I am making my “mad money” with affiliate earnings from little websites that I put together.
The key element there, is that I need to believe in the things that I am recommending on these affiliate sites and as a very faithful Zenni customer, it was a no brainer when I found out they had an affiliate program.
And, as I have never worn cheap sunglasses, (believing that the most important function they have is to protect your lenses from ultraviolet radiation), I decided to use my 0uv.com website as an affiliate for a company that can make prescription sunglasses for under $20! They are just remarkable!
Someone told me that there is a company that manufactures glasses with the same name (zerouv.com) only spelled different. That’s fine with me, I registered my name years in advance of theirs.
It would be amazing if they had an affiliate program though LOL

Out of a sense of fairness and goodwill, if you ended up here looking for some nice sunglasses, have a look at their site: zeroUV